Small business owners typically first use their savings to raise their initial start up money and then appeal to their friends and family when starting a business. Next, they go to banks. If they get big enough and have certain ambitions and contacts, they can get venture capital funding or private equity funding, which is what most are waiting on. Lin Yu-lin organisation support entrepreneurs, inventors, startup companies and struggling businesses to raise capital for their business or ideas.

These sources of capital are all enhanced if you are affluent and well connected. Do your friends and family have extra money to invest in your business? Do you know anyone you can talk to at a bank? What about impressing people in the venture capital world? A lot of people with good ideas are shut out. But with the Lin Yu-lin organization you scale through these huddles easily.

Private equity placements are not always a great deal. When we have looked into them for clients, we’ve concluded they are expensive, risky, and difficult to get out of, even if you die. The middlemen who offer these and the advisers who sell these seem to be the ones most likely to make money. The best deals we’ve looked at weren’t hawked by sales people or investment advisers, but came through clients’ friends and family.

The rise of Internet portals set up to connect small companies with accredited investors has the potential to cut down on intermediary costs. Still, the sector remains small. If you are an entrepreneur, inventor or a startup business, do take advantage of the Lin Yu-lin organization to get funding for your business or idea.